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From is hosting the Minnesota version of the Sunlight Foundation's Great American Hackathon on Saturday, December 12th.

No matter the civic-spirited code you write or open source projects you contribute to, this will be a chance to meet other programmers in Minnesota interested in online government transparency, the reuse of government data, online civic engagement, use of technology in news, etc. Non-technical open government supporters are encouraged to join our opening introductions session from 9-10 a.m. at a minimum.

Event Resources

Event Details

  • Location: Spill the Wine 1101 Washington Ave. S. Minneapolis, Co-located with the Other Future of News event.
  • Date: Saturday, Dec. 12
  • Hackathon People and Project Introductions: 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.,
  • Two Tracks - Either go in and out of the Other Future News event in the main room from 10 am - 5:15 p.m., or stay in our dedicated space for collaborative coding and continued exchange focused on the use of technology/public data for government transparency, accountability, and greater public participation.
  • RSVP Please: Send an e-mail to: with YES or MAYBE with your contact information and brief details on your tech background or open government policy interest. We will cross-register the "Yes" RSVP with the Other Future of News event unless you tell us not to do so.
  • For updates on similar activities around the nation, see the Sunlight Foundation.

Projects/Ideas to Talk/Code About

From 9-10 a.m. before the Other Future of News event starts, we will go around the room and ask people to briefly introduce themselves. Depending upon the size of the group/interest in the partner event, we will determine a schedule for deeper discussion of specific open government tools if desired.

Please projects/topics you'd like to introduce/discuss:

  • Steven Clift, - I'll briefly intro the GPL GroupServer tool we use for Issues Forums, MyBallot.Net (a tool we'd like to open source), and our soon to be announced Participation 3.0 initiative which includes some interesting Public Meetings data efforts
  • Ian Bicking, The Open Planning Project. I've been doing a bit of work with the EveryBlock codebase recently, and at TOPP we are starting to focus more on community participation in urban planning.
  • Open Government Data Catalogs in Minneapolis/Minnesota like Data.Gov
  • Data Use App Contests
  • Media use of public data
  • Attracting to the Twin Cities
  • Tony Webster, - Brief introduction to the Minneapolis-specific community engagement and government transparency project and how it's being done
  • Add more

Because this is an "introductory" event, we hope the it will lead to future more hard core coding opportunities and gathering.

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