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Participation 3.0


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Participation 3.0 - Social media in local public life for inclusive engagement, transparency and problem-solving.

Participation 3.0 was's next generation local online civic engagement initiative in 2010-11.

It represents a new and third wave of activity since our founding in 1994. Today, we seek to connect local people everywhere with the best ideas and opportunities for inclusive local online civic engagement.


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The six projects/proposals are:

  • Inclusive Social Media in Local Public Life
    • Our essential and unique "digital inclusion for community voices" effort to deepen our Issues Forum start-up efforts in the lower income, highly diverse, high immigrant neighborhoods.
    • Join the Digital Inclusion Network online group focused on inclusion
    • Join Locals Online to connect with hosts of local blogs, social network, and forums/e-mail lists
  • BeNeighbors - Neighbor-to-Neighbor Innovations
    • A radical proposal to serve millions (someday) with dynamic small group private neighbor to neighbor connections online
    • Join the online working group
  • EngageI - The Engagement Initiative - Proposed
    • Creatively making online engagement services available to smaller organizations through a pool of international talent (for now see our list of consulting services)
  • Public Meetings
    • A model open and transparent "Participation 3.0" effort to liberate public meeting agendas from obscurity. This model will test and inform the open source-style specification process that will be fully deployed in the full multi-year effort.
    • Join the Technical Working Group
    • Join the technology-based LocalLabs online group
  • DemocracyMap - Local Who Represents Me? Experiment
    • The problem - most national "who represents me" look-ups stop at the state legislature and they only list directory information on how to engage in private communication with those officials versus opportunities for public engagement.
    • Join the Technical Working Group
    • Join the technology-based LocalLabs online group
  • Next Generation Ideas
    • Our Participation 3.0 convening effort to gather "next generation online civic engagement" ideas for local communities and move the best, most inclusive, ideas forward over the long-run.
    • Sunshine 2.0 - Our collaboration with the League of Women Voters on local government support for democracy online
    • Join the online Input Group
    • Join the ongoing CityCamp Exchange where we will also gather ideas.



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